Fake News 2020

Clip 1 – What are the dangers of Fake News? (8:00 min)

People frequently make important decisions about their health, families and political issues based on news, without knowing whether it is fake or true. This video shows how making, consuming and sharing fake news about events that never took place or conspiracy theories about prominent people and provocative topics can have extremely serious consequences. An essential resource for boosting secondary students’ language and digital literacy skills.

Clip 2 – Can you avoid falling for Fake News? (5:40 min)

This video equips students with strategic skills to analyse and easily spot fake news. It explores how to perform a visual check of an app or website, conduct reverse image searches and look for unusual domain extensions or misspelled words and poor grammar to verify whether news is real or fake. An essential resource for boosting secondary students’ English language and digital literacy skills.

Clip 3 – Can you spot Fake News? (6:10 min)

This engaging video tests what students have learned from the “Fake News” series by checking their ability to distinguish real news from fake news. It includes “news” such as clickbait from ELLE magazine, Russia releasing lions into the streets and the use of misleading images by news outlets. An essential resource for consolidating the knowledge about the English language and digital literacy that secondary students have gained from the series.

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